Mews House


This was the conversion of an existing small, one-bedroom muse house in Dublin 6.  The site is entirely protected by a tall, granite stone wall and by use of a folding glass screen, the house spills out into an enclosed courtyard to the rear offering maximum utility in terms of the use of the space.  The upper floors make good use of windows and carefully placed roof lights to maximize the amount of natural light entering the dwelling.

House Extension

Dublin 6

This was an extension to a protected structure in the Rathmines area.  The use of a deliberately contemporary language offered an open plan informal design solution to an otherwise formal existing dwelling.  The use of glazing to the south side blurred the threshold between inside and out and brought the garden into the existing dining area.

House Extension

Dublin 4

This was a two-storey extension for an expanding family in a quiet, leafy suburb of Dublin 4.  The space maximizes the long garden to the rear and through considered use of glazing, maximizes the amount of natural lighting to the informal kitchen / dining area.

House Extension

Dublin 6W

The owners of this house required an extension to the rear in order to extend the existing dwelling house for their family needs.  The difficulty was that the house faced northwards and accordingly presented difficulty in getting natural light into the new spaces.  Through a sophisticated design solution, natural light is brought deep into the plan of the house, thus brightening otherwise dull spaces.  The use of ribbon glass along the rear elevation brings a seamless transition between the garden and kitchen/dining area and by the use of enhanced glazing specification, maximises the heat retention within the existing dwelling.

Weekend Retreat

Co. Laois

This house for a property developer as a weekend retreat offers a deliberately contemporary intervention within the natural landscape.  The building forms are deliberately counterpointed to the natural surrounding yet the house is anchored lightly onto the ground and touches the earth lightly in this regard, thus creating minimum intervention in the landscape.

House in Dunmore East

Co. Waterford

This was a dwelling on a raised site overlooking the sea.  The house was constructed with tight economic controls.  The double height corner window overlooks the sea.

House in Dundrum

Co. Dublin

This house in Dundrum was an opportunity to create a dramatic architecture on an otherwise very formal protected structure.  The kitchen extension to the rear is triple height offering dramatic circulation spaces between bedrooms, which overlook the kitchen area.  The swimming pool and leisure area to the rear are accessed via an underground tunnel which is fully waterproofed and insulated.  The new round tower to the side accommodates a cinema with an observatory on the top floor.

House in Dalkey

Co. Dublin

This was a modest, two-storey extension to a small, 90sqm, end-of-terrace dwelling.  The space made use of a mezzanine level that overlooks the kitchen area and the use of tall, full height glazing maximising the amount of natural light entering the dwelling.

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